2-component, ready to use, cementitious based and polymer modified, elastic and flexible waterproofing mortar. ...Read more
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2-component, ready to use, cementitious based and polymer modified, elastic and flexible waterproofing mortar.

A product based on Portland cement, fine selected, fine-graded and high quality aggregates, hydraulic binders and special polymers (comp. A) that has to be mixed additionally, with an acrylic polymer dispersion (comp. B). By mixing both components together, cement based part with the acylic resin polymers, forms a brush-able, workable slurry, used as a waterproofing coating onto prepared concrete surfaces, brick-work, block-work and stone-work. It complies with EN 1504-2 standard. Coating cures to form an effective, water impermeable, flexible waterproofing membrane with excellent adhesion, individual elastic properties and crack, hairy-crack bridging abilities, applicable to most common, porous structural substrates. Both exterior and/or interior use recommended. Main waterproofing system for foundation, slabs, basement and cellar walls in new structures, for retaining walls, for waterproofing or damp-proofing of concrete, renderings, cementitious based screeds and mortars, etc. Also, as an internal and/or external protection in swimming pools, potable water-tanks and reservoirs, sumps, man-holes, planter-boxes, etc., Evenly, for treating balconies, terraces, kitchen and toilet floors, as a sandwich treatment, to prevent water ingress, before tiling or other surface finishing. Optimal adhesion to most porous substrates. Waterproofing coating for structures subjected to slight dynamic movements, resistant to frost/ thaw cycles. Resistant to positive and/or negative water-pressure. Used also as anti-carbonation coating for concrete structures. Mix every single bag of 25 kg powder with 10 liters of the acrylic polymer dispersion, found in every single set (A+B). Saturate the surface before use. For application thickness of at least 2 mm. Colors available: grey and white.

MARKED / EN 1504-2 


EN 1504-2
Approx. 10–11.5 m2 per set (A+B) for two layers or ~1.6–1.7 kg/m2/mm per layer, depending on the substrate roughness and texture.
35 kg (A+B) / 40 sets per pallet / Mixing ratio: 25/10 by weight
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